Hi, I'm Phil.

After starting my career at Bain and getting my MBA from Stanford GSB, I've spent the last decade as a VC and product leader helping companies like Faire, Quizlet, and Ibotta build world-class products and accelerate their growth.I'm now a growth advisor and angel investor who helps Seed - Series C consumer subscription companies define their growth strategy, build their growth model, hire their growth team, scale their growth processes, optimize their growth channels, and achieve their full potential. Contact me if you want to talk!

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Companies I've helped:


Online wholesale marketplace for brands and retailers.


Simple online learning tools to help students learn anything.


Cashback rewards on everyday purchases online or in store.


Platform for employers to offer education benefits to teams.


Classroom management for teachers, students, and parents.


AI tool for creating presentations, documents, and websites.


App for tracking, understanding, and improving sleep quality.

Aura Health

All-in-one app to improve your sleep and wellbeing.


The world's most advanced and delightful read-it-later app.


The #1 app in the world for improving memory and focus.

Save My Exams

Study tools for European high school and college students.


Latin American online learning platform for college students.

Services I provide:

Growth Strategy

I will build both a qualitative and quantitative growth model for your business and use them to align your team around a clear, actionable, and impactful 6-12 month growth strategy.

Data & Attribution

I will help build your growth data analytics and attribution stack with dashboards to track key acquisition, activation, engagement, retention, and monetization metrics.

User Acquisition

I will stand up and optimize new paid and organic acquisition channels by directing current team members and/or bringing in additional contract resources.

Product-Led Growth

I will identify key product-led growth opportunities across activation, engagement, retention, and monetization, coaching the team on how to run high-impact experiments.

Pricing & Packaging

I will help your team use tools like Van Westendorp and Conjoint analysis to optimize your subscriptions including pricing, packaging, and plan durations to maximize growth.

International Expansion

I will develop your company's international growth strategy and help your team execute it, including selection of target markets and identification of market-specific growth levers.

Team Building

I will assess your current team, identify key gaps, and fill them by hiring and/or identifying contract resources through my network. I will also coach and mentor existing team members.

Interim CGO or CPO

I will serve as your interim CGO or CPO for 1-3 days per week interfacing with executives, developing strategy, managing the team on execution, and recruiting for key roles.

Content I've created:

SubClub podcast:

State of Subscription Apps Webinar:

Reforge artifacts:

International Expansion Presentation

This is a presentation I gave summarizing how we used a growth model to develop our international expansion strategy at Quizlet.

Quantitative Growth Model Template

This is the growth model we used at Quizlet to support our international growth strategy (actual data removed for confidentiality).

Country Comparison Analysis Template

This is analysis we conducted at Quizlet to compare growth across international markets (actual data removed for confidentiality).

Reforge blog posts:

The Pillars of International Growth

How to evaluate product/culture fit, customer accessibility, and universal currencies as the pillars of your international growth strategy.

International Growth Models & Playbooks

How to create international growth models that analyze performance across countries to inform market-specific growth playbooks.

International Growth Team Formation

How to set an international growth team up to succeed by securing buy in, setting success criteria, and creating the right org structure.